Speed benchmark of audio encoders

This page shows results of a speed-benchmark test of audio encoders. Among other important factors for choosing an encoder such as sound quality (for lossy codec), compression ratio (for lossless codec), and usability (for listening to music with a hardware player), this benchmark result provides another information for making a decision. The benchmark result also shows how effectively an optimization build and enhancement for an audio codec works.

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Benchmark result

Encoder Option Speed (x realtime)
F-IIS MP3S Encoder 1.2-br 128000169.3
Helix mp3enc v5.1-V75 -X2 -U2139.6
Helix mp3enc v5.1-B64 -U2135.2
WavPack 4.31-f123.8
FLAC 1.1.2-0122.7
WavPack 4.31109.4
Lancer 20061005 SSE3MT-q4105.9
Monkey's Audio 4.01 beta 2-c1000100.1
Lancer 20061005 SSE3MT-q099.9
Monkey's Audio 3.99-c100099.6
Lancer 20060915 SSE3MT-q498.8
Lancer 20061103 SSE3MT-q495.4
Lancer 20060915 SSE3MT-q090.7
Lancer 20061103 SSE3MT-q088.7
Monkey's Audio 4.01 beta 2-c200076.5
Monkey's Audio 3.99-c200076.0
WavPack 4.31-h73.4
Lancer 20061005 SSE3-q472.0
Lancer 20061005 SSE2-q471.8
Lancer 20060903 SSE3-q469.5
Lancer 20060903 SSE2-q468.0
WMA9 Standard-profile a6466.3
Monkey's Audio 4.01 beta 2-c300065.0
Monkey's Audio 3.99-c300064.8
Lancer 20061005 SSE3-q063.8
Lancer 20061005 SSE2-q063.3
Lancer 20060903 SSE3-q062.0
Nero Digital MPEG-4 Encoder 062.0
Lancer 20060903 SSE2-q060.5
WMA9 Standard-profile a12853.8
Nero Digital MPEG-4 Encoder 3200052.5
Coding Technology MP4 Encoder 1.21--cbr 128000 --lc49.5
LAME 4.0a14-V5 --noreplaygain47.7
LAME 4.0a14-V547.6
GoGo-no-coda 3.13-v 5 -q 243.9
Coding Technology MP4 Encoder 1.21--cbr 3200043.0
Coding Technology MP4 Encoder 1.21--cbr 6400038.0
WMA9 Pro-a_mode 0 -a_setting 128_44_2_2437.6
LAME 4.0a14-b12836.9
Coding Technology MP4 Encoder 1.21--cbr 64000 --nops35.9
MusePack Encoder 1.15v--radio33.4
aoTuV Release 1-q432.2
libVorbis 1.1.2-q431.7
Monkey's Audio 4.01 beta 2-c400029.8
Monkey's Audio 3.99-c400029.7
aoTuV Release 1-q029.4
Nero Digital MPEG-4 Encoder 0.229.4
FLAC 1.1.2-828.2
Nero Digital MPEG-4 Encoder 6400028.1
WMA9 Lossless-a_mode 2 -a_setting Q100_44_2_2427.7
Coding Technology MP4 Encoder 1.21--cbr 128000 --high27.7
libVorbis 1.1.2-q026.9
LAME 3.97-V5 --vbr-new26.4
LAME 3.97-b12821.7
Nero Digital MPEG-4 Encoder 12800021.2
Nero Digital MPEG-4 Encoder 0.421.1
LAME 3.97-V515.3

Test environment

List of encoders

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